Brando Fur Leather Jacket

$ 174

Make a bold statement with SHUAFAY’s Brando Fur Leather Jacket 🧥🌟 – Luxury and style in every stitch! #BrandoFurElegance #SHUAFAYLuxury #TimelessLeather #FashionStatement

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Product Features:

  • Premium Lambskin Leather: Expertly crafted for a luxurious feel, combining lightweight durability with elegance.
  • Brando-Style with MaroFur Collar: A timeless fashion statement infused with the opulence of a unique fur collar.
  • Multiple Zipper Pockets: Offers stylish and practical storage for essentials.
  • Flap-Over Pocket with Button Detail: A blend of functionality and style, adding a distinctive touch.
  • Full Front Zipper and Zipper Cuff Closure: Customizable fit that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Product Description:

Introducing the Brando Fur Leather Jacket by SHUAFAY, a symbol of luxury and iconic style. This jacket is not just an item of clothing but a true expression of identity, rooted in SHUAFAY’s legacy of high-quality leather craftsmanship.

Crafted from the finest lightweight and durable lambskin, the jacket’s Brando-style design is a nod to timeless fashion, while the unique MaroFur collar adds an element of luxury and distinction. The design is further enhanced with multiple zipper pockets for practicality, alongside a stylish flap-over pocket with button detail.

The full front zipper, complemented by zipper cuffs, ensures a fit that radiates confidence and elegance. At SHUAFAY, we believe in creating products that are not just garments but symbols of tradition and resilience, reflecting the wearer’s personality and passions.

Embrace the world of SHUAFAY, where luxury meets tradition, and elevate your style with the Brando Fur Leather Jacket. Experience the power of ‘Personalization’ and make this jacket uniquely yours, a statement piece in your wardrobe.

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 6 cm